Corporate Overview

National System of Garage Ventilation is located in Decatur, Illinois.  With over 71 years of experience in the technology of At-The-Source Exhaust Removal as well as In-Plant Pollution Control, we take great pride in a proven track record of success.  Since 1946, National System of Garage Ventilation (a.k.a. NSGV) has manufactured carbon monoxide, diesel, smoke and fume removal equipment systems for auto and truck facilities, and wherever airborne contaminants have created hazardous conditions affecting employee respiratory health and safety.

We are committed to providing the best technologies available, through a team of qualified personnel who understand the needs of the customer and our Industry. With National’s Representation of qualified professionals in Air Moving, Ventilation Engineering, and Polution Control, we collectively provide expertise that create and implement solutions that WORK and are USER FRIENDLY.

National System of Garage Ventilation is also proud to be a founding member of N.A.O.V.E.R.M., the National Association of Vehicle Exhaust Removal Manufacturers.   N.A.O.V.E.R.M. is a nationally recognized group of elite manufacturers who are committed to creating and establishing Industry standards on a common ground, focusting on SAFETY and ushering those standards into the engineering and specifying communities.

The At-The-Source Fume removal systems were brought back into the realm of the industry after the passing of NFPA 1500 in 1986. Since then, the awareness of the hazards of carcinogen exhaust has been of major importance in our industry.  NSGV has involved itself, to offer At-The-Source Exhaust Removal Technology and complete systems that keep ease of operation and low maintenance at the forefront of our designs. National understands that our NAME and REPUTATION must be identified with reliability and integrity.  It is with that understanding, that we participate in this Market with a serious focus on, “standing behind our equipment”, prior to, during, and beyond the installation and start-up phase of the project.